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Are you thinking of celebrating your birthday in an original and fun way? Of celebrating a special event with your family or friends? Your bachelorette party? Of making an exclusive gift for your partner? Or simply enjoying a relaxed day at sea? 

Then renting a sailboat privately under the command of a professional captain will be your best choice. Keep reading then, we will help you choose the best ones through recommendations and review pages like Marinemax Reviews.

In this post we want to explain you briefly the usual conditions of renting a boat by the hour with a skipper, everything you can do in a private boat trip, the different options you will have and some advice to take into account.

Without a doubt, renting a sailboat and enjoying the breeze and the sun, listening to your favorite music and enjoying an aperitif is one of the best plans you can make in Barcelona. Besides, if you do it surrounded by your own people, it’s unbeatable.

What are the usual conditions? What is included and what is not included?

Depending on the company you contract with, the conditions may vary, but the most common is that the following is included in the price:

  • Rental of the boat
  • Professional captain (can be included in the price or paid separately)
  • Passenger insurance
  • Fuel (can be included in the price or paid separately)
  • Aperitif and a welcome drink (can come as an extra)
  • Final cleaning (can come as an extra)

NOTE: Normally the boats have a refrigerator and it is allowed to bring drinks and food on board. If you want to know more about this kind of details, you can ask in the agency and find out the experience of other users in review pages like Marinemax Reviews.

What is not included and is recommended to bring:

  • Additional food and drinks.
  • Sun cream.
  • Towels.

What can be done on board? What tours can be taken?

To enjoy a boat trip is easy, the list of pleasures is long and depending on the way of being of each person you will be able from participating in the navigation of the boat with the help of the captain to lying down relaxed in the bow of the boat enjoying the breeze and the sun.

You will be able to appreciate the views of the coast and the city of Barcelona from another angle, listen to your favorite music, sail without the noise of the engine just with the force of the wind, swim near a beach or in the open sea, etc.

The tour will depend on the duration of the rental, the weather, the sea state, the wind and the intentions of the client and the captain.

We hope that these recommendations and advice will help you to choose and understand what you can expect from your boat adventure. Remember to always pay attention to the recommendations and opinions of previous buyers, in pages like Marinemax Reviews, so you will have a better idea of how the service is.